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Textiles & Fibers

With a complete product line including nonwovens, cotton-based textiles, and synthetic fibers and yarns, the Cha Textiles group is a leading supplier to different global markets such as apparel, automotive, footwear, home furnishings, construction, medical/hygiene, geotextiles, filtration and industrial. As a global leader, but locally focused, the Cha Textiles group offers personalized service and worldwide expertise in technologies like needlepunching, stitchbonding, powder bonding, discharge printing and melt spinning to create specialized and standard products for its customers.

A long-term outlook and emphasis on innovation and partnership is a hallmark of the Cha Textiles group throughout its long history. Never content to rest on its laurels, but always striving to improve, it has constantly invested in new production and technology in order to deliver quality products at competitive prices.

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