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Specialty synthetic fibers for any textile application. Includes hollow fibers, microfibers and bicomponent fibers of single or varying polymers, as well as different cross-sectional shapes such as round, trilobal, ribbon or 4DG. Polymers additives can also be incorporated to alter optical, mechanical, thermal, electrical and/or chemical characteristics.

Our fiber and filament technology is unsurpassed in the ability to precisely control bicomponent cross-sections. And our fiber and filament extrusion facilities are built to run an extremely wide variety of diverse polymers and additives, with quick turnaround and relatively small minimum lot sizes. This versatility is echoed in the ability to produce UOY, POY, and FOY yarns, as well as crimped and uncrimped staple fibers cut to lengths between 6 and 150 mm. The result is an unprecedented ability to exploit advantageous combinations of material properties to make functional fibers that are precisely tailored for the job they're asked to do.


Biocomponent Fibers

Specialty Cross Sections


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