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The Cha Textiles Group was founded by Mr. Cha Chi Ming in 1949 in Hong Kong. The Group principally engages in traditional textile manufacturing (covering spinning, weaving, wax-print and dyeing) and nonwoven industrial products. To keep abreast with the latest technology, the Group has expanded into synthetic fiber and yarn, digital printing, thermoplastic polyurethane chips, spandex filament and tape production. It has consequently built a global network with operations in Hong Kong, China, West Africa, Europe, and the United States.

Group growth has primarily been internal, but punctuated by occasional acquisitions, joint ventures and investments in areas where existing manufacturing capacity, management or trademarks would improve and hasten Group entry into a given market. Certain companies are publicly listed while most operate collectively as privately-held members of the Cha Group. The Group financial policy has been for many years, and will remain, to structure its balance sheet with low gearing, and to place careful attention on control of foreign exchange and commodity risks.

The Group has established a unique reservoir of skill and technology, with a depth of experienced management unmatched anywhere in the world. Over the past few decades, we have put in place continuous process upgrades, made major reinvestments in machinery and efficiency initiatives, created management development and staff training programs and developed new products and markets. We have moved along the value-added chain into design and distribution, and are well positioned for growth in the 21st century.

The Cha Textiles Group can be categorized into several divisions:

Cha Group in Africa
The Cha Group has earned its identity as the cost-effective and dependable source of African textile products for the African market , through thirty successful years of operation. Most of the Cha Group's factories are located in Africa. There are more than 19,000 employees, and a dyeing and printing capacity of over 10 million yards monthly.

CDW International
China Dyeing Group's first factory, China Dyeing Works, was established in 1949 in Hong Kong, upon Mr. Cha's arrival from Shanghai. Today, it is among Asia's most modern producers of fashion fabrics, with special emphasis on technology and environmental controls.

Cha Group in China
The Group established a number of leading yarn and fabric, spandex & chemical manufacturing facilities in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces; altogether employing over 6,000 people in China. Several of them are being ranked as one of the top provincial textile companies in terms of export revenue and contribution to economic development; as well as top 100 Star Enterprises of Overseas Chinese in China in 2000-2002. The fully integrated textile mills offer one-stop shopping to fulfill any textile-for-apparel need. A large portion of their products is exported to Hong Kong, Japan and other overseas markets.

Cha Technologies
The Cha Technologies group is known for its strong research and development, technological innovation, and the ability to serve niche and emerging markets with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. This group develops and serves worldwide textile markets in nonwovens, synthetic fibre and yarn, digital printing and heat transfer paper. Each company within the group is a significant player in its particular niche. Its nonwovens companies offer a diversity of products covering aerospace, automotive, bedding, civil engineering, equestrian, filtration, footware, healthcare, hygiene, horticulture etc. The synthetic fiber and yarn production companies use forefront technology to manufacture a full range of bicomponent fibers and specialty filament yarns used by leading suppliers in apparel, automotive, filtration, hygiene, and general industry. In Como, Italy, the digital printing company serves all top haute fashion houses in Europe. The group also operates companies that handle the industry's widest, most modern rotary screen machines for heat transfer paper printing. Other group companies employ advanced technologies in direct digital printing and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) chips, spandex filament and tape manufacturing.

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